AMG Sydney

When LSH Auto Australia embarked on a journey to realise a vision to develop a centre for those who take the love of Mercedes-Benz just that one sprint further, a place where kindred spirits can celebrate true ingenuity, unrivalled performance dynamics and unparalleled driving experience – the result? AMG Sydney.

The only dedicated AMG Centre in Australia with specialised staff in every area who are there with you, every step of your Mercedes-AMG journey.

Our showroom provides that creative and emotional inspiration required when you design the motor car of your dreams, or for those of you less patient, choose from one of the stunning models on site. Our range is the most extensive and comprehensive in Australia.

Throughout your ownership journey, let our specialist AMG technical team provide you with that specialised service and expertise whenever it’s time for your AMG to make a pitt stop.

We offer a wide range of mobility solutions to those customers looking to combine their servicing needs with their schedules – for example, we can maintain your vehicle while you travel on business, or while you wait in one of our intimate customer areas designed for your comfort.

In Affalterbach, our engines are handcrafted with one simple philosophy –one person. One engine. It is this concept of individuality, exclusivity and the highest possible level of attention and care that we have built into our business for you, our customer.

Welcome to AMG Sydney.

Driving Performance

We’ve spent the last 50 years being driven by a powerful conviction. From the very start, AMG has been characterized by the courage and passion of its founders Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher. Then as now, we question everything and accept no limits. We are constantly seeking the next challenge. We call this: Driving Performance. All over the world, we have found likeminded individuals and, together with them, we celebrate this inner drive that breaks through every barrier – and makes every single AMG a statement of Driving Performance. #AMG50Years